Enterprise wireless LAN

In recent years, the number of smartphones, tablets, laptops that do not have a connection point with the LAN cable continues to increase, and Wi-Fi is indispensable for terminal and Internet / intranet communication.
In addition to conducting setting, monitoring and operation of the wireless LAN access point from the cloud in a centralized manner, we also provide a user managed type authentication function.

Public wireless LAN

For scenes where pre-distribution of login ID is difficult for travelers and visitors, they can connect to the Internet with SNS account.

Cloud AAA

Identity Platform
Splash Portal

Splash Portal

Splash Portal realizes WEB authentication by adding it on Scalable RADIUS

Scalable RADIUS

Scalable RADIUS

Scalable RADIUS is the AAA authentication service with excellent availability, extensibility and durability provided on AWS


Wi-Fi branding service for stores
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